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Pros and cons of purchasing holiday cottages Lake District

The Lake District is a beautiful area of England, and every year, thousands of people go on holiday in one of the many bed and breakfast establishments, cottages for self catering, and other lake district hideaways. A number of people consider purchasing a holiday cottage in the Lake District. This article looks at the advantages and disadvantages of doing so.

Buying a cottage in the Lake District

The basics
There are a lot of points to be considered before actually buying a holiday cottage. Firstl
y, where should it be?
You will find Ambleside cottages and Windermere cottages in smaller villages or out in the countryside.
It is a good idea to check estate agents and get to know the area well before committing yourself.
Also, visit at different times of year.
The Lake District can be too quiet for some people in the winter and other
off-season times.
However, it can be too crowded for others during school holidays and other peak holiday periods.

Positive points

Lovely part of the country
There is no doubt that the Lake District is a beautiful place, and being able to visit it whenever you want is the main plus point for many people. Always available
Lake District holiday property can get booked up during the peak season.
If you buy your own holiday cottage, it will always be available, even at short notice, if you want it. Become a local
If you own a property and always stay in the same place, you become accepted as one of the locals.
You will become much more a part of the local community than you will when just visiting the area.
This is an advantage because locals are not always that welcoming to people who are only there for a small part of the year. An investment
A holiday cottage may be a good investment for the future.
It can even bring in an extra income, if you decide to rent it out when you don't need it.

Negative points

Same place on every visit
You will be tied to the same area every time you visit and in the end, you may get tired of this. Responsible for upkeep
You will have to pay council tax, services, and for general upkeep of the property. This could work out more expensive than you realise Ties up capital
Buying a holiday cottage ties up capital which could be used in other ways.
You need to think carefully before doing it.

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