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Psychological theories about older women dating younger men

Older women dating or even marrying younger men has become socially acceptable. Once it was older men (usually rich) who would have a pretty woman half his age hanging from his arm, but as women have become more independent in their lives and careers, the incidence of dating younger men has hugely increased in the last few years.

What is a cougar?

A UK study recently revealed that 280,000 British women over 45 are keen to date a younger man.
Specialist dating websites have sprung up to satisfy the new demand and the phrase "cougar" has been coined suggesting the predatory nature of older women dating younger men.
A cougar is simply a woman who is doing what men have done through
history - going for a mate she finds most attractive, regardless of age or convention.
She is usually a woman over 40 who is extremely attractive, intelligent, independent financially, has a powerful career and knows what she wants. Other factors involved
Think Madonna, Demi Moore and Joan Collins and you get the picture.
None of these women look and behave their real age and dating an older man would not reflect their sexual power.
Cosmetic procedures are more available and affordable and can be used to preserve our youthful looks.
Traditionally, a woman's role after the age of 40 is to be motherly or homely- certainly not a sexual being.
Younger men are usually attractive and are seen as a "trophy" or a reflection of an older woman's worth and power.

Younger men are driving the demand

Psychological issues
It is psychologically proven that men are drawn to young, beautiful women.
It is one of the laws of procreation.
Now there are gyms, beauty procedures and flattering clothes to help the older woman stay young and attractive.
So, older women attracting younger men are dependent on the premise that younger men actually want to date them and are attracted to them. Professional opinion
Psychologist Dr. Faye Barkely says,
"The younger men who are inclined to date older women tell me that women their age are boring, manipulative, game playing, self centered, and shallow. They are attracted to the depth, maturity and spirit of the older woman."

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