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Review: Gazelle exercise machine

Aerobic machines are designed to help to build lower body strength while improving the health and stamina of the respiratory and circulatory systems. The Gazelle Elliptical machine has changed that definition, and targets the entire body through its innovative design.


The Gazelle exercise machine comes with a large variety of different features that help users to build more muscles and tone their bodies better. A built-in heart rate monitor will measure the beats per minute of the athlete's heart, and display the heart rate on a built-in, easy-to-use computer display, which also provides information on speed, distance, time, calories burned, and pulse rate. Designed to simulate cross country skiing, this machine has extra wide foot platforms for added stability, handlebars that are covered in foam for safety, and provides the athlete will a full range of motion while using the machine. Due to the nature of the machine, where the athlete is given a full range of motion where suspended above the ground, the machine is great for any athletes with damaged joints, bad feet or knees, or other physical ailments, as the machine is low impact and easy on feet and joints. This machine folds away easily, and takes up very little space once completely folded. The steel construction of the machine means that it can hold up to
300 pounds safely. Unfortunately, this machine is not available in stores, and can be purchased from Tony Little's online store ( for the equivalent of £134.18.

Positive points

- Works on the entire body, including arms, shoulders, legs, hips, and stomach.
- The built-in computer monitor provides valuable information.
- Easy on joints, low impact, great for all ages.
- Folds easily for storage, takes up very little space.
- Holds up to 300 pounds.
- Stable foot platforms and padded handlebars for added safety.
- Relatively inexpensive compared to other elliptical machines.

Negative points

- Not available in stores.
- Different from other elliptical workouts, could take some getting used to.
- The design looks rather flimsy.
- Makes a loud squeaking noise when in use.
- No built-in resistance for an added challenge.
- Requires some assembly before it can be used.
- Feet shift and slip easily while using the machine.

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