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Robins and Day: The facts

Robins and Day were founded in 1908, when two businesses run by Mr Robins and Mr Day were amalgamated. They are a subsidiary of the Peugeot Motor Company, and operate 36 Peugeot dealerships across the UK. This article will provide the facts on Robins and Day.

New cars

Range of cars The Peugeot range begins with the iOn, which is a 64bhp electric car. The range includes the 107 city car and two family cars, the 207 and 308.
The 3008 range is a cross-over vehicle, which resembles a four-wheel drive car, but the 4007 is the only Peugeot designed for off-road driving. The range is complimented by the 5008 range and a series of vans.
These vehicles can also be rented through Robins and Day, or you can buy the car through various personal finance schemes, including Just Add Fuel.

Just Add Fuel

Selection of new Peugeots
Just Add Fuel offers a selection of new Peugeots with three years of servicing, road-side assistance, warranty cover, Road Fund Licence and insurance, all under one monthly payment. Passport programme
This can be part of the Peugeot Just Add Fuel Passport programme, which allows you to purchase the car after the three-year period or Personal Finance Lease. It doesn’t provide the purchase option, but charges a lower monthly fee.


Service The Peugeot Aftersales team can carry out services, MOTs or sell parts and accessories. All parts are Original Peugeot, and all services carried out at Robins and Day dealerships are manufacturer approved, so will maintain the car’s warranty. Services can be paid for on the day, or you can pay into a service plan, so the funds are there when you need them. Parts
Anything from replacement wheels and headlight housings to Bluetooth installation kits, DVD players or Isofix child seat can be bought from Robins and Day part centres. All parts are the same as those fitted to the cars in the factory, so you will be changing similar things.

The final word

Robins and Day dealerships are based in the UK’s top 13 metropolitan cities, like Manchester, Birmingham and London. Unlike other dealerships, they only sell Peugeot vehicles, so are more focussed than their rivals. As they are the retail arm of the Peugeot brand and the manufacturer’s biggest dealer group, they can offer better deals on used and new cars.

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