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(SLS) Scientific Laboratory Supplies Ltd: The facts

Scientific Laboratory Supplies Limited are a British wholesaler of scientific equipment, chemicals and consumables to laboratories within the United Kingdom and overseas. They aim to improve the sustainability of their business, and have a large selection of products from a broad range of brands which are available to order from catalogues or online.

Company details

Scientific Laboratory Supplies Limited (Ltd) is a British private limited company whose nature of business is listed as Other wholesale. The company SLS Ltd was incorporated in January 1991. Originally called Novastop Limited, the company had a change of name to Scientific Laboratory Supplies Ltd in March of that year. The registered office of Scientific Laboratory Supplies Ltd. is found at Orchard House, The Square, Hessle, East Yorkshire, HU13 0AE ( System of work
The company has more than 100 employees and generates over £24 million in turnover. SLS ltd employ an environmental management system and work to make their business more sustainable by for example offering a pipette recycling scheme for their customers ( Scientific Laboratory Supplies Ltd are wholesalers of scientific equipment. They supply laboratory and scientific equipment, chemicals and consumables to laboratories in the United Kingdom and overseas. They supply direct to laboratories in England, Wales and Scotland and use distributors to supply their overseas customers. For example, they use Analabs in Northern Ireland to distribute their products (

Products available

Scientific Laboratory Supplies Ltd supply more than 20,000 products from
98 brands including Eppendorf, Integra, Gilson, Whatman, Hanna and Sartorius. They provide both a paper catalogue, and an online catalogue. Product listings Products in their catalogue are listed alphabetically, making it simple and quick to find what you are looking for. Chemicals are listed in a separate catalogue. Chemicals are available from the SLS Select brand, and also from Sigma-Aldrich. Available from SLS Select are analytical reagents, basic reagents, laboratory reagents and volumetric solutions. In total, there are 956 products available from the SLS Select range. From the Sigma-Aldrich chemical range, the following products are available: Aldrich, chromatography, HPLC solvents, life science, pyridine free Karl Fischer reagents, tissue culture sera, analytical, genomic, inorganic salts, microbiology, spectrophotometric reagents, volumetric solutions, cell culture, glass distilled solvents, ion exchange resins, microscopy, tissue culture media, water analysis reagents, certified reference materials, histology, LC-MS solvents, pesticide residue solvents and tissue culture reagents. There are 65976 products available from Sigma-Aldrich chemicals (

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