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Salary you can get with CCIE certification

Of all Cisco certifications, the CCIE certification is the highest technical networking credential Cisco provides. While created and administered through CISCO ,it is accepted world-wide and considered prestigious. CCIE salaries are considerably higher than non-CCIE salaries and lead to faster promotion due to being recognised as an indicator of expertise in the field.


CCIE Certification Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) is a certification for competency in technical networking. It is the highest certification Cisco offers indicating having achieved expert status in the field. Accepted worldwide, it is considered the most prestigious certification in networking, leading to higher salaries and faster advancement when compared with jobs associated with lower level certification. Cisco Cisco is a networking corporation widely recognised as the best among similar corporations. According to the description provided on the CISCO Website: “The company provides routers and switches used to direct data, voice, and video traffic. Other products include remote access servers, IP telephony equipment, optical networking components, Internet conferencing systems, set-top boxes, network service and security systems.”

Cisco certifications

Cisco certifications There are a number of certifications that Cisco provides as one works his way towards attaining the CCIE, if desired broken down by the specialty area (e.g. security, wireless etc.). After the entry level exam, there are two other levels one must pass before working towards expert status. These are Associate (ex. CCDA, CCNA) and Professional (ex. CCNP, CCNP Voice - previously known as CCVP). Following the attainment of these levels, an individual can begin working towards CCIE Certification. In order to take the CCIE test, the individual must be sponsored or employed by a Cisco approved company. Less than 3% of Cisco employees and less than 1% of all networking professionals worldwide have CCIE certification.

Companies employing at least 100 CCIE and salary range of CCIE certified individuals

Corporations Companies that employ at least 100 CCIE’s and frequently post jobs looking for individuals with this certification are: - AT&T (639)
- Cisco Systems (325)
- Verizon Communications, Inc. (254)
- Unlisted Company (180) ·
- Dell Inc. (100) Salary range The salary range one can expect to be paid upon obtaining the CCIE will depend on experience, company and job title. The overall range is broken down as follows: - $50,000+ (4507)
- $70,000+ (3541)
- $90,000+ (1983)
- $110,000+ (992)
- $130,000+ (440)

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