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Sample wedding thank you notes

You’ve had a great wedding day and received loads of gifts but now its time to thank people for their presents. How do you say thanks? Our sample wedding thank yous will give you an idea to how to write them whether you want to write formally or informally.

Formal and informal

Have plenty of thank you cards ready. You can buy these quite cheaply on the High Street or print off your own version onto card at home. You can write your thank you cards in different ways.
Some ideas Formal thank you notes can be written like this – Mr and Mrs Smith would like to extend their appreciation for the gift presented to them at their recent nuptials or Mr and Mrs Smith cordially thank you for your gift given on the occasion of their wedding. Informal approach A more informal approach would read something like – Sophie and Pete would like to say a big thank you for your wedding gift. We hope you enjoyed our day. Or we really enjoyed seeing you on our special day. Thank you for your special gift.

Funny and other ideas

You can make also make them humorous – Hiya! Thanks for the gift. We’ve added it to the pile and will let you know when we get round to opening it! Or Many thanks for your wedding gift. Did you keep the receipt? Only joking! Humorous thank yous Humorous thank yous should only go out to those that you know can take a joke! You can write more individual, personal thank yous if you have the time. Thank the gift giver by mentioning the item they bought for you. Start your note with the recipient’s name – Dear Sue and then continue - It was great to see you at our wedding. So glad you could celebrate the day with us. Thanks so much for the bathroom set. It’s just what we need for the new house. Hope to invite you round soon. Don’t forget people who have sent a gift but who were unable to attend the wedding. Write something like – Sorry you weren’t able to join us on our wedding day. We missed you but thank you very much for your thoughtful gift. If you asked for donations to a charity instead or gifts, acknowledge that too by sending a little note that says thank for your donation to our chosen charity.

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