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The website Scandinavian Photo ( is the online version of a Scandinavian company that sells digital cameras, camcorders and other photography-related equipment. The company says that it has more than 200,000 retailers in its database, and that it is the largest Scandinavian company in its field. In this article, its website content, design and layout will be reviewed and each will be given a rating out of ten.

Design and layout

The design With its very understated colours and text size, this website doesn't bowl you over with dynamism. However, this is not necessarily a weakness. Most of the pages are shallow, meaning that you don't have to scroll down for ages to find something, and any information that you need is easily accessible. The primary colours are blue and green, which is an unusual combination, but uniformity is maintained throughout the site. The layout With its relatively uncomplicated layout, the website is easy to navigate. It contains a double menu bar along the top (if you click on one of the tabs, it opens up several more tabs underneath the main menu). The home page features several products for sale, while there are more options on a left menu to find specific equipment.


Products There isn't anything spectacular about the products section of this website, but in fairness to the business, there doesn't have to be. Featured products are simply pictured and priced on the home page, with video and TV or audio options. Photography blog One of the best features is a photographer's blog page, where enthusiasts can post their photos and talk about their photographic experiences. This is a useful business tool because it entices the potential shoppers to remain on the site. In addition, the website hosts a picture of the week and a stylish photo gallery.


Design and layout It's simple and easy to use, but while the website does what's necessary to showcase its products and catch the eye, it could be slightly more aesthetically pleasing. It scores seven out of ten. Content Its content is self-explanatory, although there is a worthy blog for photographers and an interesting commitment from the owners on environmental initiatives. In addition, the support and service tab is prominently displayed and contains ample contact information. It scores eight out of ten.

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