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Sign Post: The Facts

Sign Post companies aim at providing their clients high quality homes. Of course Sign Post housing is a company, yet it does not aim solely at reaching the highest profit. This article examines the facts about Sign Post.

Sign Post Housing

In fact, there are two separate companies, namely, Sign Post Housing Association and Sign Post Care Partnerships. Yet, Post Housing Association and Sign Post Care Partnerships work closely together and share the same Managing Director as well.
Sign Post Housing Association In 1990, North Dorset District Council's housing stock was purchased and Sign Post Housing Association was born.
Nowadays, the company owns more than five thousand homes in populous areas, like Devon, Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire.
Amongst the Sign Post Housing Association’s homes, you can find a variety of accommodation types and you can choose the one that fits your needs. For example, you can find regular rented houses, student houses and sheltered units for the elderly as well.
Sign Post Care Partnerships
Following Sign Post Housing Association, the Sign Post Care Partnerships company was established in 1999.
Sign Post Care Partnerships aims at helping a wide variety of characterised as ‘vulnerable’ people by providing them a range of various services.
Such services may be housing and many other support services. The variety of social groups that Sign Post Care Partnerships considers as vulnerable and offer its services vary from adults with mental health needs, learning difficulties or physical disabilities, homeless people, rough sleepers, ex-offenders, women escaping domestic violence, older people living in sheltered units or in their own homes and other vulnerable young and adult groups.
Spectrum Housing Group
More recently, in 2007, the Sign Post Housing Group merged with Spinnaker Housing Group and the two companies both formed the Spectrum Housing Group, which nowadays owns approximately seventeen thousand different yet high quality houses.


Final word
If you are interested in contacting SignPosts, visit the official website of the Sign Post housing companies, where you can find the telephone numbers and exact locations of the Sign Post offices and a map that will help you find Sign Post even if you are not familiar with the wider areas of Blandford, Exeter and Plymouth.

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