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Some timeless wedding poses

The most important day in most peoples' lives is their wedding day. So, it is crucial that the photos are thoughtfully composed. There is usually not much time on the big day to get things perfectly right. It is helpful to rely on a few timeless poses that show the happy couple, particularly the bride, in a flattering light. It also helps if the photographer can show the couple how to pose. Here is a guide to some classic wedding poses.

The bride

From above
One of the best wedding photos results from the photographer getting himself into an elevated position above the bride and getting her to look up at him. This shot works best when the shot is cropped to include her dress in the background. This gives the impression that she is floating. Eye level
Another favourite pose requires the bride to lie down on her stomach on a patch of lawn. Her face is cupped in her hands and is propped up by her elbows. The photographer should lie down opposite her in order to get an eye level image. It is recommended to include some grass in the foreground and to avoid cropping her face too tightly.

The couple

The embrace
An appealing shot of the couple is to have them embracing. They are both smiling at the camera, the bride is holding a bouquet of flowers and the couple's cheeks are touching. This image works well when it is cropped from just below the bride's waist. Care must be taken to avoid 'chopping' off the hands or the top of the couple's heads. Off into the sunset
It may be derided as cheesy, but one of the most effective wedding shots is to have the couple walking side-by-side down a garden path. The image must be taken from behind so that it looks as if they are disappearing into the sunset. It is a metaphor for the beginning of their new life together.


Clinking glasses
A classic image is a close up of the couple's hands , with their rings visible, clinking full glasses of champagne. With a vertical composition, it should be possible to centre the glasses and avoid including any distracting elements on either side of the couple. Hand over hand
Another pose involves isolating the couple's hands. The bride's hand rests on the groom's and both their rings are visible. The pose looks particularly elegant in sepia or black-and-white. In fact, most wedding images are suited to black-and-white as it adds a sense of timelessness.

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