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Sony digital video cameras: The facts

Sony is the pioneer of camcorders. The Handycam was one of the first widely owned camcorders. Like Sony computers, Sony camcorders have a good reputation for quality and innovation. Currently, Sony has simple SD Handycams and a line of HD Handycams camcorders. HD video camcorders are also called high def camcorders. They have higher quality and higher resolutions.

Sony Smart and Simple Handycam camcorders

Sony's current Handycam digital camcorders are Standard Definition camcorders. Unlike the older Hi8 video cameras or Digital MiniDv camcorders, videos are now recorded directly to the hard drive of the camcorder or to a memory stick which is similar to an SD card but in Sony's proprietary shape. If you want a simple hand-held movie camera, older Sony DV camcorders and digital camcorders with mini DVD discs are still available online. You can even buy an old Sony Hi8 camcorder on Ebay. The current line of simple camcorders do not have cassettes or MiniDv tapes. Camcorders offered by Sony Sony has the SX15 Standard Definition Memory Stick camcorder. The SX45E Standard Definition flash memory camcorder has a stronger optical zoom than the SX15. The SR15 Standard Definition Hard Disk Drive camcorder has facial recognition. All of these camcorders have a list price of under £300.00 and they are good for casual home movies.

Sony HD Handycam camcorders

The HD camcorder line from Sony has more options and a greater price range than the Smart and Simple Camcorder line. Just as a new Sony laptop can be bare bones or full of features, a Sony HD camcorder can be simple or complex. There are three catagories of digital HD camcorders. The Essential HD Camcorder line is for people who want to have great looking home movies. They can take still images as well as video. The cameras are priced from £300.00 to £700.00. Powerful HD camcorders
The Powerful HD camcorder line has GPS tagging, higher mega pixel cameras and better recording quality. They are priced from £700.00 to £1000.00. These are for people who want professional quality movies in a home or business camera. Prestige HD camcorders

The Prestige HD camcorders are for serious amateurs who want to make 3D movies. They are priced over £1200.00, but you can find Sony camcorder deals in shops. has a Sony Store Locator tool, so you can find your local Sony shop. None of them use MiniDv tapes. Sony has stopped making Hi8 digital camcorders, DVD video camcorders and camcorders with tapes.

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