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Sources of Internet marketing help

The best part about doing business in Internet marketing is the freedom you gain, yet you still get all the help that you need. Check out the three kinds of help that you can use, here.

Affiliate marketing tools

When you start out as an affiliate, you will use what you already have. For instance, signing up for an affiliate programme already gives you some tracking tools. However, if you are an active affiliate on the Internet, you will need more affiliate marketing tools sooner or later. Here are some apps for affiliates: 1. Affiliate programmes tracker 2. Link cloaker 3. Link shortener Affiliate programmes tracker You start with one affiliate programme. As you begin to earn, you will naturally join another programme and this goes on. You will want to keep track of the programmes you have signed up for and how you are sending traffic to each one. If a programme doesn't pay, you stop sending traffic to that one. Use a spreadsheet programme for this or an affiliate programme tracking software. Link cloaker You only ever get paid if people buy through your affiliate link. It makes sense to cloak or mask your link. A link cloaker can do that. Download one for free at Link shortener A long link is unsightly. Shorten it with an online service from Google at

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Rosalind Gardner is a super affiliate who makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year solely through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing on the Internet may not be your only income stream, but she is still worth listening to if you want effective internet marketing help. She gives honest answers with no fluff through her website and blog. If you like a practical and solid style of working, she is the person to learn from.

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Forums may be the most resourceful places on the Internet. This is where you get free online marketing help for small businesses. You stand to benefit so much as a small Internet business that you will want to give back as you begin to enjoy small successes of your own. is one of the most popular places for this purpose. It has over 300,000 members and there can be thousands of users on the site at any one time.

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