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Southgate College: The facts

Southgate College is a learning institution that is located in High Street, Southgate, London. This north London College offers hundreds of academic and vocational courses and has a student population over 12,000. To help officials determine what needs to be improved and developed in the school, every year the college asks students about their opinions regarding Southgate's services and facilities.

Students and departments

Students The college offers specialised courses for 16-19 year olds and adults. It also admits international students. Southgate also have certificate programs and courses for employers. Moreover, employees of business owners can take advantage of the many training programs that the school offers. Skills you can learn If you are unemployed and are planning to get a job, then you can try signing up for the college’s employee training scheme. In here, you would be able to acquire essential skills needed for you to find work in the following industries: 1) Catering and hospitality
2) Health and social care
3) Childcare
4) Business
5) Accountancy
6) Information technology
7) Education
8) Travel and tourism
9) Electrical trades
10) Retail
11) Motor repair and maintenance Departments Southgate College has 19 departments, namely: - Access Courses, A Levels
- Business
- Basic Skills
- Creative Arts & Media
- Construction
- English
- Humanities
- Communication & Languages
- Health & Social Care
- Higher Education
- Hospitality & Catering
- Motor Vehicles
- Pre Entry
- Sport & Leisure
- Science & Maths
- Teacher Education
- Travel & Tourism

The restaurant, weekend college, and financial assistance

The restaurant Southgate College has a restaurant that is open to the public during lunch and dinner. The chefs and waiting staff in the restaurant are all catering students of the college. In here, you’ll get a chance to sample fine cuisine that is affordable and inexpensive. Its menu varies every week and features various cuisines from around the world. The weekend college Southgate College offers weekend courses that are geared for individuals who are already working. These programs run for several weeks and cover a host of interesting subjects and niche areas you might like. Financial assistance Financial assistance programs offered in the school include: - National Union of Students (NUS) discount cards
- Adult Learning Grant (ALG)
- College Learner Support Fund
- Educational Maintenance Allowance (EMA)

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