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Stagecoach: The facts

The Stagecoach Group is a leading transportation company in the United Kingdom. Stagecoach is arguably best known for its buses and coaches, which can be seen on roads all across Britain. Stagecoach, however, is also a major player in the UK railway network. Stagecoach bus and train information can be found at

UK buses

Subsidiaries The Stagecoach Group runs several UK-based bus and coach companies, such as Stagecoach, Scottish City Link, Megabus and Unirider. Stagecoach The Stagecoach subsidiary runs many local bus services, running within and in between towns and villages of the UK primarily.
Stagecoaches operate in specific UK regions, ranging from the South West of England up to the Scottish Highlands, with a range of single, return and day and group travel tickets available so that travellers can make the most of intra and inter town bus routes run by Stagecoach. Scottish City Link Scottish City Link buses run between six major Scottish cities: Inverness, Perth, Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow as well as Blackpool in Lancashire and a ferry link to the Northern Irish capital city of Belfast. Megabus Megabus is a UK-wide inter city coach service operated by Stagecoach.
Megabuses offer extremely cheap fares on long distance travel, particularly when users book their travel many months in advance. Unirider As its name suggests, the Unirider subsidiary is a specialised student service, although it can be used by all members of the public.
Students gain massive savings on Unirider services, which link university and college campuses to town and city centres.

UK rail

Subsidiaries Although the Stagecoach brand name is not used on any of their UK rail services, Stagecoach is responsible for the South West trains, East Midlands trains, and Virgin Train companies. South West trains This regionalised railway service connects the towns and cities of England's south west through quick, clean and efficient railway services. East Midlands trains East Midlands trains is a regional railway service. East Midlands trains operate out of stations in a small geographic area, but their trains travel as far south as Bristol and London, and as far north as Manchester. Virgin Trains Virgin specialise in nationwide, inter city railway services.
Virgin's pioneering Pendolino-style trains allow their vehicles to reach greater top speeds as they lean through corners, which makes Virgin Trains one of the fastest UK inter city rail companies.

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How do the ambulance services work?

How do the ambulance services work?

There are two major ambulance companies in the UK that you may want to consider in case of an emergency, St Johns ambulance and the NHS services. Saint Johns is a private ambulance company that has branches all over the UK. On the other hand, the NHS offers ambulance services in various parts in England. The NHS ambulance services cover southwestern and east England. During emergencies, these ambulance services do the following.
Where to buy a used car trailer

Where to buy a used car trailer

Used car trailers are probably the cheapest car trailers that you can get. Unlike new trailers, used trailers are a lot more affordable. A car trailer does not deteriorate so much during its life. It can be used without any problems for a longer period of time than the car itself. You may change several cars before you actually change the trailer. It is no wonder that people are more interested in used trailer rather than in a new one.
A guide to buying Citroen vans

A guide to buying Citroen vans

Are you interested in buying a Citroen van? Are you wondering where you can buy the ideal new or a used Citroen van? In that case, you don’t have to spend your time searching, visiting retail stores and browsing through hundreds of websites. Just read the following article and find out all that you need to know about buying a Citroen van.