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Star Cruises: The facts

If you are interested in luxury cruise deals with Star Cruises company, you should read the following article and discover more detailed information about the history, operation and destinations of Star Cruises.

General information

Star Cruises data
Cruises are definitely a unique and interesting way of spending your holiday; either you have only a few days or enough time for a long holiday.
Star Cruises is not just a cruise line, but it is actually the third largest cruise line in the world, after Carnival Corporation and Royal Caribbean Cruises (according to 2011 data). Star Cruises is listed on the Singapore Exchange, as well as on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
Star Cruises history Star Cruises was founded in 1993 and its primary fleet was two cruise ferries that used to belong to the Swedish Rederi AB Slite that had declared bankruptcy. Over the years, Star Ferries acquired numerous used ships until 1998 when the company build its first new ship, named Super Star Leo. Nowadays, Star Cruises owns 50% of the Norwegian Cruise Line, 50% of the NCL America and 100% of Cruise Ferries.
Star Cruises fleet The fleet of Star Cruises contains 22 ships and over 35 thousand berths, which dominate the Asia – Pacific market.
Star Cruises itineraries Star Cruises’ main destinations include Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.
If you are seeking information about the Star Cruises’ destinations, visit the official website of Star Cruises and find out more.

Additional information

Star Cruises guide to cruises In the official website of Star Cruises, you will also find a guide to cruises.
The Star Cruise guide includes all the practical information you may need when preparing for your cruise, namely the necessary travel documents according to each destination, information about your check in and embarkation and safety issues. Also included are other useful information you should definitely get familiarised with before departing for your cruise.
Star Cruises on-board facilities Star Cruises offers a lot of on-board facilities, so as to make sure that you will never get bored while you are on a cruise.
You can enjoy live music, watch a movie, throw a theme party and many others.

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