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Switch plate covers : Buying guide

Switch plate covers fit over light switches, and sometimes over-plug sockets. They cover up the electrical wiring and the box underneath. Switch plate covers are a necessity and usually come in homes or apartments that you build, buy or rent. This article will provide a buying guide to switch plate covers.


Choosing the switch plate
Sometimes, the switch plate covers that come standard are unattractive or don't match with your decor. If this is the case, you may want to buy new switch plate covers, that are more decorative and make a nice statement in your home. Size of the cover
The first thing to consider when buying switch plate covers is the size of the cover that you need. Light-switch covers need to be sized appropriately, depending on how many light switches there are at the given outlet. Bank light switch
For example, you may have one bank light switch. That means that there is only one switch and one electrical box to cover. Light switch bank You may also have a light switch bank that has multiple switches, like a two, three or even four bank switch. In these cases, you don't simply want to buy two, three, four or more single switch plate covers. They won't fit-on together and they would look funny jammed in side-by-side and there wouldn't be any screws for them.
Big switch plate Instead, you need to buy one big switch plate cover, that is large enough to cover all of the electrical boxes. It must have slots for all of the switches at the switch plate bank.
Dual light switch If you have a dual light switch, there are covers made for this for example. The sizing between the two switches is standard, so all you need to worry about is counting up the switches and getting the proper size.


The next thing to think about is material and style.
You can try to choose a switch plate cover, that matches the decor of your room. For example, if you are putting it in a bathroom and you have nickel faucets, you may want to choose a nickel decorative light switch plate cover. The light switch surrounded will then coordinate with your faucet, and give the room a nice finished look.

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