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Tablet vitamins versus liquid vitamins: A comparison

Many of us are leading increasingly fast paced lives resulting in poor eating habits. Often, In order to compensate for this, we take multivitamins to replace nutrients lacking in our diets. One question frequently asked is whether there is a difference in the efficacy of liquid versus tablet vitamins.

The controversy and an understanding of solid vitamins

The claims and the controversy Manufacturers of liquid vitamins claim that their products are more effective than tablet vitamins as they can be absorbed more easily than solid tablets which must first be broken down. Others have debated these claims, stating that solid vitamins provide better absorption. However, the question of liquid versus solid is not so simple. Understanding solid vitamins In addition to the active ingredients, we want to add to our diets including vitamins and minerals, solid vitamins also include substances called excipients. Excipients are responsible for insuring the vitamins and minerals enter the blood stream so that they are carried to the proper areas of the body to be absorbed. Solid vitamins, like most over the counter nutritional supplements vary in quality. Poor quality solid vitamins such as discount, generic or supermarket brands include poor quality excipients, meaning that less of the active ingredients reach the blood stream as they are destroyed by stomach acid or remain in the digestive system until excreted by the body. High quality solid vitamins have high quality excipients resulting in higher absorption rates of active ingredients by ensuring these substances enter the blood stream through careful management of the stomach and digestive tract.

Claims of liquid vitamin manufacturers and conclusions

Liquid vitamins – truly superior? The research shows that liquid vitamins are no more effective than low quality solid vitamins. This is because they largely lack any form of excipients so they linger in the stomach and the nutrients are dissolved by stomach acid before much can be absorbed into the blood stream. While some may have small amounts of low quality excipients, similar to low quality solid vitamins, this does not do much to improve the chances of recommended levels of vitamins and/or minerals reaching the blood stream such that they can reach the body parts responsible for their absorption. Conclusion While the makers or liquid vitamins claim that due to the very fact they are in liquid form makes them easier for the body to absorb, is misleading at best and inaccurate at worst. The may work about as well as low quality solid vitamins. However, even this has been called into question and if this is the best which can be said about them, they will not provide the expected benefits as stated on the label.

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