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The Body Shop body butter: Review and rate

Are you looking for a reasonably priced, ethically sourced and delicious smelling body moisturiser? This article will provide a review on the Body Shop body butter.

Background of Shea Body Butter

Since its launch in 1976, The Body Shop has become synonymous with natural beauty. Under the guidance of its founder, Dame Anita Roddick, The Body Shop was the first cosmetic company in the UK to claim that all their products were free from animal cruelty, ethically sourced and recyclable. Within its group of body and bath products sits the Shea Body Butter, currently The Body Shop’s best selling body lotion, with reported sales of 250,000 tonnes per year! Fragrance Whilst available in a range of other fragrances including mango, passion fruit and cocoa body butter, it’s the rich yet gentle fragrance of Shea which seems to get customers to spend more money on such products.

The review

The design of the product is functional and pleasant, sold in an ivory coloured plastic tub which claims to be recyclable. Hence, it is obvious that not much money has been spent on designing and producing the packaging. The lid is screw top and the delivery of the butter to the body is through the dipping of a finger in the tub, rather than the more hygienic pump or spray methods of application. Actual cream The actual cream is thick in consistency and ‘set’, definitely more of a body butter than a body lotion. The pot could be turned upside down and the Shea butter would still remain in place, which makes it an excellent spill-free product to take travelling with you.
Scent of the cream However, it is the scent of the cream which appears to be the unique selling point for this body moisturiser. The fragrance can be best described as unisex and gentle. It doesn’t possess the cloying chocolatey aroma of the cocoa butter nor the very girly sweetness of the mango butter. Instead, the aroma is far more mellow, almost smelling like very mild and very subtle gentlemen’s aftershave.

However, is it worth the money?

Performance wise, the Shea Body Shop Butter claims to moisturise intensively and indeed, it does deliver. Not only is the cream suitable for use on the driest areas of the body, providing much needed relief, but it absorbs almost instantly, leaving skin feeling soft and smooth rather than greasy or sticky. Prices You can buy Shea butter at around £5.00 for 50ml or £12.50 for 200ml. In terms of other body moisturisers, this product is reasonably priced, but it does represent excellent value for money and should last around six months, if used frequently.

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