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The benefits of BMW sat nav

The BMW sat nav portable navigation system is one of the most useful and affordable inventions that BMW has produced. It makes any journey a safe and pleasant adventure. The wide range of features and options make the new BMW navi units the best co-pilot that you have ever had. This article will look at some of the benefits of BMW Sat Nav.

BMW Sat Nav: Elegance and convenience

The design of the new units fits perfectly with any BMW design as they are especially conceived for this type of car. There are no wires that you can see and the unit is directly connected to the loudspeakers. It is easy to install in your BMW. It doesn’t matter if you want to install it on a pre-owned BMW or a new BMW.
The BMW navigation DVD provides all the information you need and includes Europe sat maps.

BMW Sat Nav: Versatility and portability

The fact that the new BMW navigation system can be used both as a first time installed navigation system, as well as for a BMW sat nav upgrade, makes it incredibly versatile. That means that you can practically install in on almost any BMW model. BMW E39 sat nav systems, E46 sat nav and BMW X5 sat nav are also available. You can use the new sat nav outside the car as well as inside the car, which confers unrestricted mobility for your needs. The Bluetooth hands-free kit is a great option that adds a big plus to the portability of your device.

BMW Sat Nav: Practical and complete

The new BMW Sat Nav DVD provides a complete road map of Europe with speed camera locations. The display is touch screen and easy-to-use. The roads are better highlighted and 3D Birdview Perspective Mode is available. The seven-digit postcode input option improves search times. Graphics enhancements are immediately noticed. The response time is improved due to faster satellite acquisition. The traffic connection makes it very easy for you to avoid getting into traffic jams.

BMW Sat Nav: Price competitive

BMW is well known for its high prices, not only in cars, but in accessories as well.
If you already have a Sat Nav system, you only need a Sat Nav update, which you can easily purchase on the Internet from dealers or from BMW directly at a relative low price. If you are just now installing the new Sat Nav system, then it is better to get it from BMW directly. The price is not as high as you would expect and it really depends on the options you choose. However, it will be worth for your money.

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