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The benefits of Waverly bedding

If you like the whimsical look for your bedroom, then Waverly bedding is the way to go. With a wide range of patterns and designs, Waverly offers something for every style of bedroom. In addition to bedding, Waverly window treatments allow home owners to match the bedding with curtains to create a coordinated look.

Waverly bedding

Waverly bedding collections allow you to put together a perfect bedding ensemble, featuring designs ranging from muted shades to bold solid colours. Waverly fabric is known for its excellent quality and durability. With Waverly bedding options, you can mix and match comforters with decorative and sham pillows and even bed skirts to create a stunning effect. Waverly comforter sets can be classified into two broad categories: country decor and shabby chic. Country decor
Waverly has an established line of bedding in a country decor style, which includes styles like Ballad Bouquet, Cotswold Rose, Garden Images and Imperial Dress. A Ballad Bouquet comforter set, which includes comforter, bed skirt and sham pillows, starts at a sale price of $169.96 (this price was seen on Home Decorating at on 15.07.2011). Shabby chic
Featured in this line are designs like Felicite, Vintage and the classic Lightfoot House, offering a contemporary take on the more traditional pattern. Lightfoot House features reversible comforters and includes details like fringes and tassels.

Waverly window treatments

While using Waverly window treatments, you can transform your room into an elegant setting. Waverly’s ready-made styles allow home owners to match bedding with window panels and valances to create a sophisticated look. Valances Waverly valances are available in styles like scalloped, box pleated and Ascot, in different sizes starting at 14”. Window panel
Formal and elegant, a floor-to-ceiling window panel can create an air of luxury. Full length, 84” window panels are available at Lowe’s.

Waverly fabric

Beautiful and durable, Waverly fabric allows you to decorate and upholster in a variety of patterns available. Fabrics are available for both indoor and outdoor use. stocks Waverly fabrics at discounted prices and is a must-shop for home owners. Outdoor promotional fabrics
Waverly outdoor fabric is suitable for all outdoor upholstery needs. Choose from over 40 designs available in this range. Indoor fabric
Suitable for upholstering living and dining room furniture, Waverly indoor fabric features a range of over a hundred designs such as Green and Naturals, Spa and Brown and the like. Check out the sale offer at for discounts on Waverly fabric.

Waverly shower curtains

Available in a stunning range of toile and crepe, these shower curtains add a touch of class to any bathroom. Choose Waverly to add glamour to your home and see its benefits for years to come.

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