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The benefits of a Sekonic light meter

The most important factor in photography is light. Photography is often referred to as "painting with light," so knowing the amount of light available for the photo you are about to capture is important.

Benefits of using Sekonic light meters

A reliable way to determine the light in any given situation is using a light meter. The Sekonic light meter is an outstanding tool for a photographer in assessing lighting situations. Overview
Sekonic light meters are built to withstand many environmental factors such as inclement weather.
Not only do they tolerate different weather conditions, they also assess the light as it is related to these factors.
Shooting photography in cold weather is different then in shooting in a more temperate region.
The light is effected differently and the Sekonic light meter is able to read these differences. These camera light meters are also resistant to dust and are splash-proof, and these two factors are highly beneficial to any photographer.
Exposures with the Sekonic light meter are spot-on well into the tenth of a stop, for both ambient lighting and electronic flash light readings.
This is a significant feature that is not always found in exposure meters.

Type of Sekonic light meter best for your situation

If you are a photographer who moves around a lot, such as a nature photographer, or if you are a photographic journalist, then you will want something that is small, portable and lightweight.
The Sekonic L-308S Flashmate is the smallest and lightest digital light meter in the Sekonic line-up and it would be perfect for the mobile photographer. Exposure data is displayed on the LCD screen, which has been redesigned to mimic the look and feel of the LCD on its ‘bigger-brother', the Sekonic L-358 flash meter. If you are a photographer who primarily works in a studio doing
portrait photography or even traditional wedding photography, then small and portable is not quite as important.
The Sekonic L-358 Flash Master might be more appropriate for you.
It is portable enough to "walk the set" with, but it offers more definite readings for studio lighting. Final word
Dual ISO settings on the L-358 model allow readings when using multiple film speeds, which can be the case in the studio setting.
This unit is user-friendly and very accurate.

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