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The benefits of a corner entertainment centre

Entertainment centres are significant features in the room and instrumental in the layout of seating and other furniture. Most room configurations are oriented keeping entertainment stands as a reference. Corner entertainment centres are a variation which utilise the otherwise redundant corner. Read further for information on the benefits of a corner entertainment centre.

Save space

Room corners often pose a challenge in seating configurations since they are not the best location for a seat. Often, a side table is placed here and the potential space is underutilised. While regular TV entertainment furniture rest against a wall, a corner entertainment centre is designed to occupy the junction between two walls. The TV unit, TV speakers, stereo systems and related media equipment require considerable space. When these are accommodated in corner entertainment centres, much of the room can be freed for other activities. You have more options to place seating against the wall. Smaller apartments and multi-functional spaces can even put a dining table, study or bar against the wall. The additional wall space available can be used for wall-mounted shelving and increase the storage potential of the room. The room aesthetics may be enhanced by using the wall space to feature artworks and personal collections.

Optimise viewing

Rectangular stands are only oriented towards one wall face. Seating along other wall faces cannot have a good view of the television. On the other hand, a corner TV entertainment centre addresses a large perimeter within the room. More seats within the room are likely to have favourable viewing angles towards the television.

Room layout

Corner entertainment centres can open up the room layout and soften the edges. Since it is not intensely directional and oriented, a room layout using a corner entertainment centre appears more inviting. There is greater flexibility in shuffling seating and furniture along the other wall faces.


With growing popularity of corner entertainment centres as a space-saving measure for restricted spaces, there is ample choice in the materials and the price range. You are sure to find a piece which is suitable for your décor. You will not be starved for choice when looking for different storage features to meet your lifestyle requirements. TV entertainment centre furniture may have adjustable shelving to allow flexible use. With custom built entertainment centres, you can choose the material and styling to extend room décor. Choose a corner entertainment centre to allow greater flexibility in room layouts.

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