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The benefits of a low back bra

Ever wonder whether those Hollywood starlets on the red carpet are really wearing a bra. At first glance, it seems unlikely with their long gorgeous backless dresses. In reality, these starlets are not braless, they have just discovered the benefit of a low back bra.

The low back bra

A low back bra allows you to wear backless tops and dresses without unsightly bra straps showing across the back.
They fit snug and securely across the chest, and then are secured around lower back to hold in place.
Low back strapless bras are also a big favourite.
They are perfect for baring the shoulders during the summer months, and more comfortable than traditional strapless bras for wedding dresses. The low back converter
You do not have to buy a low back bra in order to enjoy one.
The low back converter can take any bra that you have in your drawer and convert it for you.
The converter is simply a long strap that looks similar to a bra strap.
You hook it to one side of the bra back, wrap it around the belly, and then hook it to the other side of the bra back.
The strap is adjustable so you can make it as tight or loose as necessary.


Wearing low back bras give you a multitude of benefits and advantages when it comes to fashion.
Backless tops
Enjoying backless tops is much easier with a low back bra. Now you do not have to worry about an ugly bra band across the back, ruining the look. Wedding dresses and gowns
Nothing is more worrying than walking down the aisle on your big day, only to feel your bra slowly slip with each step.
Wearing a strapless low back prevents this.
You could run down the aisle if you wanted and still have the bra in place when you reach the altar. Confidence
A good bra can be a real confidence boost, especially if it fits and lifts in all the right places.
A low back bra gives you the confidence to wear those sexy pieces you have been avoiding and enjoy fashion again.

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