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The benefits of a shed alarm

Many people would be surprised if they worked out the value of items stored in their shed or garage. A lot of thefts take place in such buildings, and for most of us, some sort of door alarm system is essential. This article takes a look at all the benefits of shed alarms.

Types of alarm system

There are a number of different types of system which can be used for a garage or shed alarm.
The simplest is a battery operated one that has a security keypad.
To open the door, you simply need to key in the code number which you have chosen in advance -if that is not done, the alarm will go off.
There are more complicated systems, but this type is probably the most adequate for the average shed.

Safety - scares off intruders

Scaring off intruders
The main benefit of a shed alarm is that it scares away intruders.
The alarm is very loud, sometimes so loud that it can make someone feel ill! Even if in an isolated area where the risk of detection is relatively small, this in itself may cause a potential intruder to go elsewhere.
Some shed alarms come with a sticker that warn thieves that the shed is alarmed. Pros of using an alarm
An alarm works better than just a lock on a shed door, as most sheds are made of relatively thin wood.
The thin wood means that a lock can easily be broken.
Similarly, a bolt can be unscrewed by an expert.
However, an expert thief would be less likely to tackle a shed with both a lock and an alarm system.

Easy to install

Shed alarms are incredibly easy to install.
They are simply screwed to the door, the batteries inserted, and the code number keyed in.
Instructions are clear, and there is no complicated drilling or wiring to do.

Sheds reduce your insurance premium

Insurance companies like alarms.
If some equipment is stolen from a locked garden shed, the insurance company will hold inquiries and will probably question you on what you intend to do about this.
In most cases, when you reply that you are planning on installing an alarm system, they will be satisfied.
Final word
Overall, a shed alarm is a good thing to have in the modern world.

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