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The benefits of a two line cordless phone

Phones with two lines allow you to have a home line and a business line or a parent line and a child line on the same phone. This articles explores the benefits of such phones.

How does a cordless two line phone work?

Overview Two line cordless phones are perfect for room-mates because each person can have a cordless handset and charge the phones on the base, so there is more freedom than with a cord telephone. Two line phones have one main base and at least one phone cordless phone. Answering the phone requires you to choose which line you want to answer. Line one belongs to one phone number, and line two belongs to another phone number. These phones are usually used for homes that have offices, so that a person can answer either the home or the business line from one phone. Most two line phones can be used for conference calling between line one, line two, and a caller. You can also find two line phones with answering machines, or you can use a digital answering service to separate your voice mailboxes. These phones are also called conferencing phones because the three way call feature is popular.

What to look for when buying two line phones

Things to look out for
You should look for a two line portable phone that has a specific ring for each line and a light indicator so that you know which phone line is being used. If you have a more feature-rich phone, you can buy phones with caller id displays and incoming call barring. High end phones also have automatic answering so that the phone will automatically detect which line is being called when you answer (so that you do not have to press the button to select the line).Most two line cordless telephones have a base phone that is a speaker-phone or a regular cord telephone. When you buy a cordless phone, you should get a DECT phone as possible, because that is more secure for privacy. £230.00The Dectsys 2200 Cordless Telephone System sells for £230.00
(price as of 24.06.11 on
Final word The advent of wireless phones have caused mobile phones to be replacing landlines and becoming the primary phone, so if you need a two line phone, you should snap one up before speciality land-line home phones go extinct.

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