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The benefits of bath curtains over a door

Bathrooms furnishings are required to allow privacy in the bath, to prevent water from splashing out and for decorative purposes. This may require you to choose between bath screens, doors or bath curtains. Bath curtains have easy installation and offer many conveniences in terms of cost and flexibility. Read further to appreciate the benefits of bath curtains over a door.

Easy installation

Home owners can easily install bath curtains themselves. Installing bath doors may require professional help and involve additional expenses. You can furnish your bathroom with a bath curtain within minutes since the installation procedure is simple. Bath curtains are often available with standard rods which may have telescopic design to incorporate flexibility in sizes. Installation can be done without causing any disturbance to other bathroom elements like wall tiles. Traditional shower rails are combined with hooks to fit the curtains. A simpler alternative to this is the availability of hookless curtains. These curtains can be fitted to the curtain rail using ties, buttons, snaps or Velcro. Hence, there is no inconvenience of hooks rolling off the rod as you tilt the rod to fix it in position.


Flexibility Bath curtains have the flexibility of being shifted from location to location. Whether you do this to change the decor or when moving homes, you will appreciate the convenience of being able to take off the curtains and to replace them with ease. It is easy to maintain these curtains and you can take them off and wash them down with a suitable cleaner. Ventilation Bath curtains allow better ventilation. Full-height screens and doors can often cause steam or heat to accumulate in some areas. Operation Bath curtains are very simple to operate and are often considered a safe choice for children and for the elderly. Screening Bath curtains are effective at screening and at offering privacy for users.


Bath curtains are very cheap. Their economy is further improved by low installation cost and reasonable service life. Even if bath curtains are damaged, replacing them with new ones is an affordable alternative.

Creative decor

Bath curtains are available in a range of fabrics like plastic and vinyl with a large variety of prints. You can choose plain colours for an understated look or use patterned styles to bring interest and zest in the bathroom. You are sure to find some cheerful designs to suit children's bathroom decor. You can also choose to coordinate your bath linen and have shower mats and bath rugs to create a thematic decor.
A final word
Bath curtains are a cost-effective and practical solution for furnishing your bath.

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