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The benefits of pillow top mattresses

Choosing a good mattress is quite possibly the most critical aspect of ensuring a comfortable bed and a good night’s sleep. There is a wide range in the choice of mattresses in terms of size, structure and even the top layer. The top layer of mattresses may range from firm to plush with firm tops giving minimum cushioning. Pillow top mattresses have the softest top layer. Read more to understand the benefits of pillow top mattresses if you are considering one.


As compared to the firm top mattresses, pillow top mattresses have an additional layer of cushioning which acts like padding between the body and the main structure of the bed. This gives the user a feeling of sinking into the mattress, and the pillow top mattress is therefore considered as one of the more luxurious choices. Thickness
As compared to other plush top mattresses, the pillow top mattress has the highest thickness. While some users prefer a firm mattress, many complain of feeling achy and tired after using it. This aspect of mattresses is highly subjective and one should make choices on purchases only after trying the mattress out.

Sleep movement absorption

An annoying occurrence for partners sharing a bed can be the disturbance caused by the movement of one partner during sleep. The extent to which this movement is transmitted to the other parts of the bed depends on the structure of the mattress and on the cushioning provided. Since the pillow top mattress has a softer layer of cushioning, it can help absorb these disturbances and can keep them localised.

Pillow top mattress pads

As a testimony to the popularity and success of pillow top mattresses, it is now possible to buy just the mattress pad. Pillow top mattress pads can be placed over an older mattress which does not provide the desired comfort and softness. This can be a cost-effective solution since the entire mattress bedding does not have to be replaced. Since the mattress pad is not integrated with the bed, it can also be turned around, flipped and even cleaned separately. A pillow top mattress pad may be made in a variety of materials including memory foam, wool, cotton and latex mattress.


To gain the benefits of pillow top mattress, it is important to select quality products. Superior quality pillow top mattresses facilitate an even distribution of the user’s weight and prevent local deformation of the mattress. Cheap mattresses with foam pillow tops can seem comfortable at the onset, but since they compress easily, such foam mattresses will start showing permanent loading impressions. If the pillow top mattress suits your personal preferences, go for a quality product to ensure that it serves the intended purpose.

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