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The benefits of road legal quad bikes

Road quads are becoming more and more popular in many areas of the world for many different reasons. This articles looks firstly at what road legal bikes are and secondly looks at some of the benefits of using them instead of more conventional vehicles like cars, motorbikes and vans.

What are road legal quad bikes?

Road legal quad bikes are quad bikes which have been modified and registered so that they can be used on the road. The exact rules and regulations which must be followed and strict adhered to will depend on your jurisdiction (which legal area you are in and which laws you have to follow) but generally you will need the following: Registration
The quad bike, whether it be a sports bike (like race quads) or a farm quad, must be registered with the vehicle licensing authority in your jurisdiction. You will then be provided with number plates or registration plates which you will have to display on your vehicle at all times. You will also get the paperwork necessary to get the other requirements met fully. Tax
You will have to tax your vehicle if you wish to drive it on the road, just like any road vehicle and you will have to show your tax disc at all times. Insurance
You must have insurance for your road legal quad bike, just like you have for any other on road vehicle. Quad bike insurance is not usually expensive, so you should not be discouraged from missing this requirement out. Policing authorities are very aware that many people do not insure their quad bikes and as such as very vigilant when they find someone without insurance - don't let yourself be the example made to others! Vehicle safety
You will need to meet the safety requirements too, of course. You vehicle must be checked before it is permitted upon the road and usually, you will have to wear a crash helmet by law.

What are the benefits?

- Quad bikes are quick and easy to get around with
- For short journeys, they may even be quicker than using a car or van
- Quad bikes are more economical than traditional forms of transport
- If you need to go off-road, you can do quite easily providing you are allowed on the land you drive onto!
- Farmers should make benefit of this form of transport to get around their land as it is better for the environment
- Quad bikes are safer than motorbikes. So, if you only use a motorbike for short journeys, consider replacing it with a road legal quadbike
- Quad parts are easy to fit and are often cheaper than car or motorbike parts

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