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The best deals on clawfoot tub (by type and price)

When you decide to remodel your bathroom, there are many decisions that you need to make. While some of these decisions are purely aesthetic and will not affect the functionality of your bathroom, others are, however, purely functional and have nothing to do with what your bathroom will look like decor-wise.

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Look for the different materials a clawfoot tub can be made of. Porcelain on steel tubs resists corrosion. However, they can rust. Fiberglass is inexpensive and durable but can fade and scratch easily while enamelled cast iron is a very durable but expensive choice. The style Identify which style you prefer for your clawfoot bathtub. A classic roll top, for example, will have a rounded end where you can rest your head while soaking whereas the other end is square. Double slipper clawfoot bathtubs are rounded on both ends and have a more formal appearance. A slipper tub is rounded at the end as well but provides more neck support while soaking. The best way to decide upon a style is to view the different types of clawfoot bathtubs in person.

Section two

Take measurements Measure your bathroom to determine the bathtub length which best complements the room. These models generally do not rest right up against the wall, so they can take up more space than other types of tubs. Unless the tub is mostly decorative, the largest sizes will help accommodate taller individuals. Since clawfoot tubs are generally rounded, they are more difficult to stand up and dry off in than a tub which is also a shower. Therefore, make sure there is adequate space beside the tub for a mat.
Anticipate unused space Moreover, because of their shape, you should anticipate having unused space in your bathroom because they will not fit neatly into a corner. Compare the depth Compare the depth of the clawfoot tubs you are choosing. Many people want a freestanding clawfoot tub so they can soak in them. For tall individuals, depth can compensate for a lack of length if you need to fit the tub into a smaller bathroom. The tub's legs Examine the tub's legs. Clawfoot bathtubs can have many different styles of legs, ranging from traditional pedestals to literal claws which make the tub look like some kind of wild animal. The legs you choose will depend on your bathroom's design and your personal taste.

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