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The cheesecake factory: a review

Do you love to eat at the Cheesecake Factory and would you like to know more about these stores? Here you will read about the history of the Cheesecake Factory and how you can find out where is the nearest restaurant in your neighbourhood and how to order from their bakery.


Evelyn Overton created a great cheesecake recipe.
It was so great everybody wanted to know what the recipe was.
That's why she opened a small cheesecake shop in Detroit in the late 1940's with her husband Oscar.
But while raising her kids, she went back to baking from home and supplying to local shops. LA
After her children were grown up, Evelyn and John moved to LA and opened a store named The Cheesecake Factory with their last savings.
It paid off because people loved the cheesecake and sales kept increasing. They created a larger bakery and made twenty different cakes and deserts that they shipped to loads of wholesalers in and out of the state. Restaurant
Their son David founded the Cheesecake Factory Restaurant in 1978, located in Beverly Hills.
This was a huge success. The key was to give people huge portions in a friendly setting, and it worked. Many locations
There are now nearly 150 Cheesecake Factory Restaurants and two bakery production facilities that produce over 60 varieties of quality cheesecakes and other baked products.
It is seen as one of the great American success stories.

The Cheesecake Factory restaurants and bakeries

There are loads of Cheesecake Factory Restaurants and Bakeries all over the US which you find on
You can also go to the website at and shop.
You can order different cakes to be delivered to your home.
Customers can choose from classic recipes to new ones that keep getting added.
Also, you can choose if you want a 10 inch, 7 inch or both and select the flavours you like.
There is no easier way to find your favourite cheesecake online. Gift Voucher
If you don't know what to get someone for their birthday, you can also purchase a Cheese cake factory gift card.
This is the perfect gift for any taste.

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