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The facts on Bawls energy drink

Bawls is a carbonated, non-alcoholic soft drink made with guarana, which is an Amazonian berry containing a natural source of caffeine. Bawls Guarana is the only range of drinks in the US which contains guarana and is named Bawls because of the “bounce” the caffeine gives. Find out more about Bawls energy drinks in this article.


Bawls started off as part of a class project. The creator was looking for an alternative to coffee, and came up with the idea for Bawls. The caffeine in this drink is provided by the guarana berry, and is three times stronger than the caffeine, provided by a regular soft drink. Bawls Guarana was launched in Miami, Florida, on 14th November 1996, and the company has become known nationwide since. The full range of Bawls Guarana drinks is available all across the United States.


The Bawls mission is as follows: “Everyone, everyday… refreshing and caffeinating as many consumers as possible with our guarana goodness.” The idea is for as many people as possible to experience Bawls Guarana drinks, having been educated in the goodness that it can offer. However, it is important to know that caffeine is too much in this drink, and children and those sensitive to caffeine should obviously consume much less than the recommendation of no more than 300mg per day. The company also aims to ensure the sustainability of the Amazonian rainforest from which the guarana berries are sourced, and does this by working alongside organisations dedicated to sustainability.


The Bawls Guarana range contains four drinks: Bawls Guarana, Bawls Guarana EXXTRA, Bawls Guarana Cherry and Bawls Guarana G33k B33r. Bawls Guarana is the original flavour in the Bawls range with a citrus flavour and guarana punch. Bawls EXXTRA has the same flavour as the original drink, but contains 50% more caffeine (as much as a cup of strong coffee) and is also sugar free. Bawls Guarana Cherry was the third product in the range, and is cherry flavoured. The newest drink is Bawls Guarana G33k B33r, a root beer with the same amount of caffeine as a standard cup of coffee. The caffeine drinks all come in their own distinctive packaging in coloured cans and bumpy bottles. Source
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