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The pros and cons of Buxton Bags

You may have seen the Buxton bag on television and wondered whether or not, it is indeed as good as they say it is. Well like most things, the Buxton wallet has its pros and cons. The article below will outline some of the advantages and disadvantages of the leather organiser that people have seen and heard so much on TV.


Buxton shoulder wallets are very versatile. They are designed with many compartments to easily store all the things that you need in a neat compact bag. You can store your wallet, credit cards, money, keys, water bottle, all in the Buxton wallet which is worn over across your shoulder, leaving your hands free to do other things. Light-weight
The Buxton leather organiser is also very light, which is a huge advantage. The fact that it is light means that there is less weight on your shoulder. While many shoulder wallets allow you to store a lot of stuff, they are usually very heavy which results in sore, achy shoulders. The Buxton bag is however, made of lighter leather which accounts for the comfortable weight. Made of real leather
The Buxton wallet boasts of real leather. The fact that it is made of authentic leather is a positive aspect over many other bags that are made from inferior material.


Poorly constructed
According to the overwhelming majority of consumer reviews, the Buxton shoulder wallet is poorly made. People complain about the zipper falling out and or opening on its own, about the liner or seams being easily ripped etc. The poor workmanship of the Buxton leather organiser is a real disappointment for many customers. Flimsy Apart from the poor construction of the Buxton bag, there are complaints that the material is too thin and flimsy. Consumers say though, it is made of authentic leather, it is a very thin leather that rips very easily and feels like plastic. Some people say that the Buxton shoulder wallets are simply not tough enough and fall apart sometimes, even after just a day use.
Cell phone compartment is not big enough
Even though the Buxton bag boasts a handy cell phone compartment, some customers are claiming that this is too small for most cell phones. This is a major bone of contention with consumers who cannot use this handy feature of the shoulder wallets because their cell phones are simply too big to fit.

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