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The pros and cons of Prima Donna bras

For over 140 years, luxe lingerie brand Primadonna has been known for its exotic and elegant creations that hold a timeless appeal. This article examines the pros and cons of Prima Donna bras.

The brand

Overview However, like the two sides of a coin, Prima Donna bras also have both positive and negative aspects, some of which are enlisted below. Established in 1865 in Germany, Prima Donna's prime focus is to “shape the body and mind of women”.
Throughout the years, the company has evolved from being a mere manufacturer of corsets to being a producer of some of the most elegant Prima Donna lingerie designs that gives the likes of Marie Jo bras tough competition. A brief history The origin of this success story can be traced back to the year 1919 when founders Margaretha and Achiel Van de Velde opened a corset workshop in a small village in Belgium called Schellebelle. However, it was only in 1949 that the brand introduced a new era in luxury lingerie with the production of matching lingerie sets by their son, William Van de Velde. In 1990, they acquired Germany-based Prima Donna, known for their collections of plus-sized labels. The new collaboration paved the way for the development of new designs that were both stylish and practical.

Positive points

Advantages Prima Donna is known for its unique creations for plus-sized full-busted women.
It is often seen that most women end up wearing wrong sized discount bras even though they opt for very attractive designs. The lingerie brand provides the right amount of support to plus sized women without compromising the look.
The company even produces 44G bras, a size which is a little difficult to find. The company provides a wide array of choices for full-breasted women, thereby providing them the freedom to select and experiment unlike the Aubade lingerie and the Marie Jo lingerie counterparts. Due to the perfect balance of comfort and designs offered, buyers are always able to get the best value for their money. Besides this, certain lingerie discount stores also offer Primadonna bras at low rates during sales.

Negative points

Disadvantages Many customers feel that the collections are overpriced although some others vouch that they are worth every penny spent.
Prima Donna bras normally comes in the range of $100 to $400 and above, due to which customers sometimes look for alternate bra sales and underwear sale options. Some even complain that the bras stretch out pretty fast and also wear quickly.
Final word Besides this, a few complaints have also emerged that Primadonna bras have uncomfortable under-wire that irritates the skin.

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