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The pros and cons of a bath gift basket

Bath gift sets are often popular presents to give women for their birthdays or as a newborn baby present. This article looks at the pros and cons of giving bath sets to give you a good idea if this is the gift for you to give.


Variety of choices Bath products come in a huge range giving you many choices if you are putting together your own gift hamper. Body soaps, bath salts and bath bubbles can be added to a wicker box to make a lovely presentation of gifts. If you are making your own baskets, you can choose a selection of the nicest smelling, most luxurious bath gifts. All you need is the basket and some fancy cloth or silk to line it with and you are ready to add your selection.
Ready-made baskets You can also buy ready-made baskets from chemists and beauty stores or from similar online stores. If you know your recipient well, you will be able to choose the smells they like and the products they would use most. With a bit of thought, this can make for a very personal gift that will bring a smile to the recipients face and plenty of relaxation time with their new treats.


Care must be taken when choosing bath products for someone. Many people suffer allergies or skin irritation from fragrances. If you can check this out before-hand, you can limit your bath gifts to ones for sensitive skin or completely natural gifts. Cost Making up your own basket takes time. You will have to find a suitable basket and shop around for the bath gifts it is going to contain. If it is going in the post, you will have to make sure that it is well-wrapped and the products are cushioned to avoid breakage. There will also be the added cost of postage.
No freedom of choice in online shops
Some online shops let you choose and add your products one by one, but if you are buying a ready-made gift set, you don't have the freedom of choice. Many hampers have bath salts or soap included that your recipient doesn't necessarily use. How many of us have left-over beauty gifts in our cupboards? Try to find a basket that has a good selection, which you know they will use.

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