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The pros and cons of a hood hair dryer

Healthy and attractive looking hair is one of the most desirable features a person can have, however not everyone is blessed with naturally thick and fluffy locks. This article reviews the pros and cons of a hood hair dryer.

What is a Hood Hair dryer?

A hood hair dryer is exactly what it sounds like - a hair-dryer in the form of a hood. They are common in hair dresses and salons and are popular because they offer the customer a chance to sit and relax while their hair is drying.
A hood hair dryer is different to normal hair dryers in that it gently circulates warm air, rather than blasting a jet of heat out of a nozzle and is intended for longer use than cheap and cheerful blow dryers.

Pros and Cons

There are both benefits and cons to using hood hair dryers. Here are some of the most prominent. Benefits Hood hair dryers are ideal for the "wet set" style of hair.
Wet set hairstyles are those that are prepared before the drying takes place and hooded dryers benefit from this because of the speed at which the hair is dried. This technique is one of the best ways to achieve straight or curly hair without direct heat. Hood hair dryers also speed up air drying, for those who don't like the wet set style.
Long, thick hair can take a very long time to air dry and the hooded dryer can help, whether it is the first thing you do, or a last minute top up before you need to go out. Another benefit is deep conditioning, which allows hair conditioners and to absorb more easily into your hair, adding to their effectiveness and removing unsightly white blobs from your hair. Cons Hood hair dryers can be extremely expensive and are a lot of effort if you are simply looking for a quick way to dry your hair.
Longer and thicker hair can sometimes take a very long time to dry, depending on the settings and the model used.
The dryers themselves can also be quite noisy, rendering conversation or relaxation difficult and larger models can be extremely difficult to transport, so portability can be an issue. Conclusion If you are very serious about the health and well-being of your hair, then a hood hair dryer may be the right option for you!

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