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The pros and cons of big houses

Everybody dreams of having a bigger and better house, perhaps a mansion, a chateau or something just one size up? However, big houses have pros and cons. It might be nice to have more room for guests but what about the upkeep? This article details out the advantages and the downsides of having big houses.

The pros

The best thing about having a bigger home is that you will have more space. You will have more rooms which can be used in a variety of ways. Rooms can be specifically designated as study areas, libraries, music room, gym or whatever you desire. More rooms mean that you can have guest bedrooms for family and friends to stay, and a bedroom for each of the kids. Everyone will get their own space.
The big outdoors With a bigger house, you may also have more outside space. The joy of having a larger garden area for the kids, a workshop or a vegetable garden is immeasurable. If you enjoy the company of animals, you might have room for chickens, a pony or more domestic animals. Business opportunities With a bigger house, you have the possibilities of working from home or starting a home-based business. Huge houses can be run as a bed and breakfast if you have extra space or can also be used for weddings, seminars and conferences. You can make money from vegetable growing or the keeping of farm animals. If you really want a great business opportunity, you can use your house for weekend retreats with pampering facilities included.

The cons

Cost Your utility bills will increase. A bigger house means that more lighting and
heating will be used. The heating of old houses can be expensive, so it's worth considering taking extra measures to ensure that there is adequate insulation, that the heating system is working properly and that energy saving methods are applied. If you are working from home, you should consider these costs too. Cleaning A bigger house means that more house work will have to be carried out. Cleaning is one of the biggest disadvantage when buying a larger house. Think about whether you could manage this by yourself or whether you would need to hire someone.
The garden A garden needs managing. If you have green fingers, this will be fine but you may also need a gardener’s help or suitable equipment like a ride on mower to keep on top of the upkeep.

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