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The pros and cons of fingerprint safes

Technology has taken a step further such that there are now fingerprint safes which can be installed for your home or business. They are ideal solutions for protecting valuables and delicate or potentially dangerous items. Discover what are the advantages and disadvantages of using biometric fingerprint safes.

How it works

Biometric safes use fingerprint to authenticate access to the device. Users have to register fingerprints on the lock of the vault and the built-in scanner will register the image and store it. The safe can be opened by putting the finger on the locking device or punching in numeric codes. Multiple users can access the safe. There can also be an overall manager whose code will override all other users. Most devices which adopt biometric fingerprinting allow up to thirty registered prints to be recognised.

Advantages and disadvantages

Unique fingerprints for security Using the biometric technology, access to the safe is secured and limited to authorised users. An individual's fingerprint is unique such that there is no possibility of unauthorised access to the safe. Another layer of security can be added through the use of special codes or keys which serve as
back-up in case authentication fails. No keys or codes There are no keys to lose or codes to remember saving valuable time and money. Access is granted with the swipe of a finger in a matter of seconds. When a user is no longer allowed use of the safe, the fingerprint can be erased from the registry. Easy to install They are easy to install and come with pre-drilled holes and accessories. Sturdy and durable Biometric safes are manufactured using reinforced steel and hinged doors which are tamper proof. The vaults are secure and cannot be pried open with drills. They also protect your belongings from fire and water as the vaults are doubly reinforced. Other models even allow you to weld them on the floor, wall or furniture. Heavy They are made from steel and are not lightweight. Although smaller models of fingerprint safes exist, they are not portable to carry around. Malfunctioning can occur The data base may malfunction and will lock you out if your fingerprint or codes do not correspond to those that are in the registry. Multiple attempts to gain access to the safe can be another reason of a lockout.

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