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The pros and cons of glassine envelopes

A glassine envelope and glassine bags is somewhat of a novelty item. Glassine is a transparent acid-free material which has been fashioned into shipping envelopes using glassine paper for its construction. They are durable, interesting and add a little flair to your mailings, but are they practical?

What is glassine

What exactly is this anyway? Glassine is an ultra thin paper material that is resistant to air and water. Think of a more durable vellum paper product. As it is translucent, it offers many applications. One can of course dye it and remove the translucent nature of the paper. However, many use it as a ‘buffer’ page in books to protect fine illustrations. This paper is considered quite durable and has moved from the publishing industry to the shipping industries. Envelopes Many companies have introduced the glassine paper into shipping and traditional envelopes. These can be considered quite attractive as mails. However, one doubts they will replace the traditional office envelopes.

Positive points

Acid-free Glassine paper is acid-free. This is ideal for photographs, documents printed on fine paper or in need of protection for the type of ink used. Glassine paper can certainly serve this purpose and protect your mailing from acid, smudging or other natural deterrents which may damage what ever it is, you may be mailing. Novelty These envelopes and mailers are very unique in look and feel. Those made of glassine are attractive looking and can be dyed or embellished to take a very personalised and attractive appeal. They cost no more to use as mailers as far as postages goes and are readily available and most shipping outlet stores.

Negative points

Practicality Being transparent, there is no privacy involved with what you are mailing. If it is an illustration or a photograph, anyone who takes a moment to look can pretty see what is in the envelope. This may be even more unsuitable if you are mailing a document. If you were to shield it with additional paper or cardstock, then the purpose of the glassine mailer is removed. Fragile Not in the sense that glassine paper is like a thin piece of glass and will shatter if dropped, but the paper is ultra thin and easy to bend or crumble. Certainly, there are conditions to where you would want to use the glassine mailer. However, there may be a little more thought into this process than you care to take.

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