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The pros and cons of "Just My Size" bras

Plus size women have problems getting the right clothing most of the time. They not only struggle to get fitting outer wear, but also inner wear, especially bras. Most catalogues provide bras for petite women, therefore, leaving out the plus size woman. Before you take a look at the "Just My Size" catalogue and you settle for the "Just My Size" bras, here are the pros and cons to consider.

Find correct measurements

An ill-fitting bra only leaves you feeling uneasy and not confident. In order to find the perfect "Just My Size" bra, ensure that you have the correct measurements of the band as well as the cup volume. Take the measurements beneath your breasts so as to get the band dimension. Add five inches to the value that you get if it is below 33”. This is to ensure that you get an even number. Secondly, take the measurement above your breast, including the top flesh, in a levelled line. Finally, take your complete breast measurements. Subtracting the top of the breast measurements from the complete breast measurements will give you the cup volume. The difference determines the cup size. For instance, if it is less than an inch, then your cup size is an AA.

Changes in measurements and makers

"Just My Size" apparel differs from one maker to the next. A "Just My Size" bra that fits and is from one Hanes outlet, could disappoint when it comes from "Just My Size".
"Just My Size" wear also varies with the fashion. Each time that you change the style of your "Just My Size" bras, you might be required to use different measurements.

Know where to shop

Very few stores offer a wide range of "Just My Size" bras, but if you look online, you will find that several stores are available. Such stores include and Hanes' brands comprise various plus size clothing while offers customised lingerie. You can evaluate the sizes, prices and designs while you are having fun looking at the wide range that are available on the websites. You do not have to settle for the boring whites. You can also choose other interesting colours. Whatever you choose, ensure that it fits your body properly. Hence, it will not embarrass you in front of your friends as you won't have to constantly dig for the straps.

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