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The pros and cons of seamless socks

Recently, there has been quite a fashion for seamless socks. Some of these are ordinary socks which just do not have any seam, others are seamless toe socks, that is, socks with separate sections for each toe. Most of these socks are for women and children, but men's toe socks can be found too. This article looks at the advantages and disadvantages of these types of socks.

What are seamless socks like?

Whereas most socks have seams and are shaped, seamless socks are knitted in one piece. This means that they have no separate heel, and there is no "right" or "wrong" way to put them on. Many of the free socks which come with airline packages on long haul flights contain these types of socks.

Positive points

Easy to put on Seamless socks are easy to put on, as there is no separate heel and therefore no right or wrong way round for them. Kids seamless socks may be a boon for busy parents for this reason alone. Cheaper Seamless socks tend to be inexpensive, or, as stated above with respect to airlines, sometimes even free. Fun and fashionable Many seamless socks can be found in cheap, fun, fashionable stores such as Primark. They come in pretty bright colours and are fun to wear. Heels won't wear out As the socks have no separate heel, they can be reversed during wear, making them less likely to wear out at the heel than is the case with conventional socks.

Negative points

Don't wear as well Some people say that socks made in this manner will not be as hard wearing as conventionally designed socks. This may well be the case when it comes to activities for which comfort is a priority, such as hiking or gardening Less support and comfort Some people don't find seamless socks to be as comfortable as those with seams. They are said to provide less arch support, and do not mould themselves to the foot as well as socks with seams, relying on the stretch of the material to fit the feet. Just a gimmick Some people think that seamless socks are just a cheap and cheerful gimmick, not "real" socks at all. This is particularly the case when it comes to fashion such as seamless toe socks.

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