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The pros and cons of touch screen cash registers

It isn't just smart phones and personal computers that now use touch screen technology. Many stores now use EPOS cash register tills instead of the traditional cash registers that have always been previously used. Read on for information about this business equipment and the pros and cons of touch screen cash registers.

Touch screen cash registers

It's quite likely that you've seen touch screen shop tills in quite a few of your local stores recently. They're either used by staff who put your shopping through their till or you would have used them yourself at a self-checkout point. Many stores have now decided to buy TEC cash registers that have touch screen abilities. The next two sections discuss the pros and cons of this new technology.


1. The EPOS touch systems eliminate the need for extra staff in busy stores. 2. Most people find it quicker to pay for their shopping items through these tills
- you don't have to chat with shop assistants, you can just pay quickly and leave. 3. It's easier to pay your outstanding shopping balance with multiple payment methods or if you want to use up a lot of small change. 4. They benefit staff who use them as they can hold more information and options than traditional POS cash registers. This makes it easier to apply discounts and make store orders etc. 5. You can shut all manned tills just before you close to allow your staff finish all other jobs required around the store.


1. These machines are prone to errors. If they shut down, staff will have to fix them. This generally leads to larger queues than are necessary. 2. If alcohol is available in your store, you will need staff available to check customer's identification. In this case, there may as well be a manned till. 3. Some customers may find it hard to use the till if they have arthritis or sight problems. 4. It is more difficult to pay for items without bar codes with touch screen devices. You often have to look through a list of items to select it.


If you are considering using a machine or buying one, consider how you will be using it. Don't expect to be completely confident in your use of it straight away. As with most new technologies, there will be a learning curve. Make sure to look at the pros and cons mentioned before you decide to make this investment.

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