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The top five most popular vacation destinations in 2011

Warm, balmy breezes, lush tropical foliage, exotic fauna, romantic views and breathtaking beaches all feature prominently in deciding where to find the most popular vacation destinations in 2011. All of these considered, this article will go through the best vacation spots in the Caribbean. These five islands corner the market in terms of cost, beauty, luxury and atmosphere.

Vacation Jamaica

Vacation Jamaica Jamaica is undoubtedly one of the best vacation spots in the world. For all inclusive trips, budget vacations, luxury vacations or a romantic tropical getaway, Jamaica is the place to go. Crystal clear, turquoise waters, perfect weather conditions and affordable rates are just some of the reasons that propel Jamaica to the number one Caribbean vacation spot. There is a wide selection of all inclusive hotels, nature trails and even hiking in the mountains. The best thing about Jamaica is the people, who are the friendliest in the world. Jamaica can indeed make people enjoy their stay.


Prestigious Anguilla Anguilla has been described as one of the most prestigious destination in the world. A small island in the Caribbean, Anguilla offers an international flare with its selection of restaurants and spas that leave guests wanting more. While there are affordable guesthouses on the island, Anguilla does cater for a more high end crowd. Anguilla corners the market for providing rest and relaxation with their luxurious resorts and amazing spas. Anguilla is superb for diving, but is best known for its panoramic views that are worth the cost. Hence, you can enjoy Anguilla's luxury resorts.


Amazing Aruba Aruba is a free tax zone which makes it a great pick for travellers. Add to that, the fact that it lies outside of the hurricane zone and has no major rainy season will ensure that you have a great vacation. Aruba is a tropical paradise that is only fifteen minutes away from Miami by air and is a great vacation spot all year round. Awesome exotic hidden coves, superb surfing conditions and amazing shopping centres make Aruba a must visit for the discerning traveler. Beautiful Barbados Barbados is the sophisticated vacation spot in the Caribbean. The island features year round sunshine, amazing beaches and an array of flora to satisfy even the most particular guest. Visit Barbados for its soothing climes and friendly people. You should also bask in the sun in lovely Barbados.

The Dominican Republic

Dazzling Dominican Republic Great beaches, amazing landscapes and dynamic views make Dominican Republic one of the best places for a wedding or honeymoon. The island has a range of packages to suit any pocket. You should come to the Dominican Republic for the rich culture, the warm people and the dynamic vistas.

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