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The top five slider phones

The slider phone is one of the main cellphone forms ever mad: Deceptively like a candy bar phone without the keys and a full-faced touchscreen with the convenience of a hidden keypad. It has evolved from the chunky Nokia 7650 to the super sleek QWERTY smartphones. Somehow, the slick slide and snaps when answering and ending calls are tantalizing. Here are the top five slider phones.

Top 1: Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

This Sony Ericsson slide phone is not just outwardly beautiful but it is a powerful 1GHz processor phone that can be operated as a touchscreen or with its full sliding keyboard. It has a 5.1 megapixel camera and has Auto-focus, Geo-tagging, Image Stabilisation capabilities. It also has a long battery life of 425 hours on standby. Plus, it has the Noise Shield feature, perfect for an imperfect phone call.

Top 2: Samsung Corby Pro

The Corby Pro is a smaller contender in the slider market. While other manufacturers go for smart and super-sleek, this Samsung slider phone looks relatively cute and chunky. Compared to new mobile phones, Corby’s display is lower in resolution. Its 3.2 megapixel camera is below par compared to other phones in its league. The biggest punch of this Samsung slider is its 0.42 w/kg SAR rating, which is like a miracle for a smartphone. Health-conscious consumers will definitely like the Corby Pro, also with its longer than usual 774 minutes more talk time and its convenient keyboard.

Top 3: T-Mobile G2

New slide phones are actually in competition with touchscreen smartphones since they almost look the same aside from the weight. Slide mobile phones lose in this category, especially the T-Mobile G2 as it weighs 180 grams (heavier compared to Apple’s iphone 4 that weighs only137 grams). However, it definitely is a fast SWYPE phone with the convenience of a full keyboard when you need accuracy in data input. It also operates on the Android 2.2 platform, making it a fast-processor.

Top 4: Samsung Monte Slide

This Samsung slide phone does not have a QWERTY keyboard nor is it a smartphone. It is a good-quality basic phone. First off, its camera isn’t so good (just 1.3 megapixels) and its display isn’t really impressive. However, its standby time is longer than most phones like itself and its SAR rating good (0.445 w/kg). It is also incredibly light at 83.5 grams.

Top 5: Nokia 6500 Slide

This is another basic slider phone with a great camera: 3.15 megapixels that can save 2048x1536 pixel photos. It features Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, and an LED flash. It’s a slick steel beauty with a tough appeal.

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