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The types of professional hair straighteners

Straight hair is a sleek and smooth hairstyle that is almost always in fashion. For those who aren't born with naturally pin straight hair, this look can be achieved with the help of a hair iron. This article details out the types of professional hair straighteners.

Types of straighteners

Wet to Dry
This type of straightening iron uses steam from the wet hair to help to straighten it. This hair iron works best on those whose hair is already fairly straight. It won't work so well on those with frizzy or course hair and could possibly make the hair frizzier in those cases. Chrome and gold plating
Choosing a chrome or gold plated straightener is a popular choice because these irons aren't quite as expensive as the ceramic ones. However, they aren't likely to give you good results either, but they do quite well on hair that is not fine or dry. Those with chemically treated hair should avoid using the chrome plated iron because it could cause even more damage. Ceramic
Ceramic straighteners work well on any hair type, that is why they are often purchased more than any other straightener. They may be more expensive than others, but it's worth it to pay more for better results. Ceramic irons provide a smooth and sleek look to the hair and may even help to tame frizz.

Popular brands

Not all brands of hair products are made in the same way. Some hair irons work better than others. Based on the results and customer satisfaction, here are some of the best straighteners out there. Sedu
It has been Sedu's goal to provide high quality products that can meet any challenge. The company first started in 2004 and since then, they have become one of the top rated styling brands. Solia
The workers at Solia put their heart and soul into their hair straightening products as well as strive to meet their customers' needs. They focus on the technology and also the quality, when it comes to their products. Solia is a brand name that has been around since 1994 and continues creating top notch hair products. GHD
This brand was launched in 2001 and has rapidly grown to be one of the best hair straightening brands in the world. They introduced themselves in many countries like Italy, Germany, France, South Africa and Australia. GHD has even become a popular choice among celebrities.

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