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The value of logo pens to your business

In the fast-paced society we live, you don't have to spend money on a television or radio commercial to effectively advertise your products and services. There are little things that you can do to promote your company, and showcase your businesses' talents. This article will show you the value of logo pens to your business.

Promotional merchandising outside the box

Company pens may seem like a luxury, but if used correctly, they're marketing pens that do attract customers. Ink pens It is one thing to have engraved pencils or branded pens, it is another to give it away. If you are keeping the pens and pencils solely for the use of your employees, then you might as well use store bought ink pens. Giving out engraved pen sets
You need to get into the habit of giving out your engraved pen sets as a complimentary items in your store.
Promo pens Even if you don't have a store, you can become familiar with local stores or restaurants, and ask the owner if they will set the promo pens up near the cash register as free to customers. You can invent new methods, and think outside the proverbial box. You must try to get your promotional pens into as many hands of non-customers as possible. Frequent state and county fairs You can go into the spirit of fun, and have a good time. You will need to be
light-hearted, and smile to people, but take your business with you. Promotional booth You can set-up a business promotional booth, that offers an easy game or contest that most people can win. The prizes can be promotional bags, filled with more promo item goodies. To the "prize winner", it may be simply fun items, like a pocket umbrella, coffee mug or tote bag. In reality, they've received a promotional bag, a corporate mug, and a promotional bag, all engraved with your company logo and contact information.

Promotion at school

You can get rid of your brand new company logo business printed pens, and company pencils, with a college or university.
School staff
You can check with the necessary school staff before you just show up on campus. Homecoming events are huge, and excellent ways to get out your imprinted items on a large scale.
Contact information and promotional gifts Again, your imprinted products should appear to be give-aways to your students, yet they will be business promotional gifts with logos as well as contact information.

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