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Things to do in Sydney

Sydney is a great city to visit. It has culture, beaches, many activities for all ages and is a beautiful city to spend time in. Would you like to learn more about things to do in Sydney? Then, read all about it here.

Sydney Harbour

Port Jackson containing Sydney Harbour is the natural harbour of the city of Sydney. It is seen as one of the most beautiful sights in the world. It is not only great to visit for the sight, but there is also stuff to do here. Opera House This multi-venue performing arts centre was built by a Danish architect and is one of the most eye-catching buildings of the city, and even the world. It was made an UNESCO world heritage sight in 2007. If you do not like the opera, there are various performances here all year round. Check out more about the programme on Harbour Bridge One of the main things to do in Sydney is to climb the Harbour Bridge. This bridge climb is the ultimate experience of Sydney with the most breathtaking views. Check out more information about climbing the Sydney bridge on Royal Botanical Gardens Next to the Opera House, you find the Royal Botanical Gardens of Sydney. These are the most central of the three major botanical gardens open to the public in Sydney. Among others, they are home to a colony of over 22.000 grey headed flying foxes.

The beaches

Sydney is known for its beautiful beaches, so it is of no wonder that they are one of the main attractions of Sydney . Bondi Beach is known for its sport and recreation facilities. Coogee Beach has a pier and an aquarium that you can visit. It is also home to the most popular sporting competitions in Australia like the National Rugby League. Check out for more information.

Other activities

Sydney has more to offer in great activities. You can go on a Sydney sightseeing tour. Check out for great Sydney day tours (including diving, water sports, sailing, walking and helicopter tours). You can also find more information for Sydney tourists on Sydney activities on For information on festivals in the area, go to

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