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Tips for recording professional but funny answering machine messages

While a number of people know how to record answering machine messages, few ever get the mix of humour and professionalism right. In most cases, one exceeds the other, be it professionalism or too much humour. The end result is a message tone, that is either too serious to be worth leaving a message, or having too much humour that befits the purpose.

Speak clearly

Criteria for messages
When deciding when and where to record funny, yet professional answering machine messages, it should be worth remembering that not all situations may be suitable for the message, especially if the answering machine is used strictly for professional uses. However, if the answering machine is to be used for both professional and casual purposes, then the funny, professional tone may be used effectively.
Tone of the voice When recording the message, you have to ensure that you speak clearly. The one mistake that most people make is that they do not speak as clearly as would be expected. If a person is supposed to hear the answering message, then it is imperative that the person recording the message speak in such a way that the message is heard. This is regardless of whether the message is professional or humorous. By speaking clearly, the overall effectiveness of the message is increased. For instance, if you intend to record a professional, yet funny voice mail message, then speaking clearly will help the person on the other end of the phone to quickly understand the humour borne within the message.

Be creative

Appropriation of humour While it may be understandable if you use borrowed, pre-recorded message, it pays to make your own message. However, quite a lot of creativity may be required for this. You have to ensure that you use appropriate humour that will not offend the caller.
The humour, in this case, may be found within the funny voices, funny wav files, as well as voice mail greetings. You should let your creativity roam free when selecting and creating each of these so as to make the message more humorous.

Keep it short

Duration of the message Often when making these kinds of messages, a number of people make the common mistake of making the message too long. While the answering message may be humorous and incorporate all the aspects of the best answering machine greetings, extending the humour may irritate the caller on the other end.

Maintain professionalism

While the funny voices and funny phone answers may be worth the laugh, you should remember to ensure that they do not cross boundaries. After all, the whole aim is to create professional voice mail greetings that are engaging due to their humour. Besides, you never know who might call you.

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