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Tips for wood floor installation ( a step by step guide)

Installing wood floor into your house will add a luxurious feel to your house along with calm environment. Installing the wood floor by yourself will require some experience but with great guide, there is nothing that you cannot do. floating wood floor


Here is the step by step to install the oak wood floor:
First of all you need to take out all wood floors from the packaging and leave it to get used to the room temperature to avoid the floor form being too stiff to work with later.
While leaving the wood floor balance with the room temperature, you need to install the subfloor with underlayment on top to make sure the floating wood floor will not produce any creaky sound and protecting for durability.
For the first wood floor which will be the guide for other wood floor, you need to put it nearest to the wall with the tongue/lock side is facing the room.
Then place a ‘spacer’ between the wood floor and wall.
Then, drill around 3 holes the size of your wooden nail, ½ inch from the edge of the wood floor before hammering down all the nails inside the wood floor.


When done, you need to cover the hole cause by the drill using the wood putty of matching color as your wood floor.
Continue using the same step for the first row of the wood floor.
For the second row of the wood floor, you need to make sure the edge of the first row and the second row is around 5 inch apart so that you can arrange the wood floor in beautiful stack formation.
This arrangement will also give more strength to the floor.
You can use the saw to cut the wood for the second row to achieve the desired length.
To install the second row, you need to lock the groove on the tongue of the first role and using a plastic hammer, tighten the lock and groove carefully and finish the second row.
Repeat the step for all rows until you cover the whole room and for the final row, you need to repeat the same step as the first row.
Finally remove the ‘spacer’, then install the base board to fill the space between the wall and the wood floor.

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