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Tips on public speaking

If you have been chosen as someone's best man, you may not be looking forward to the wedding for one simple reason. You will have to give a speech. If you feel the fear at the prospect of speaking in public, this article will help you.


If you have a fear of speaking in public, then preparation is important. Personalisation
You may think that you should take the easy route and find a speech template online. However, this is not a good idea. It is important that your best man's speech is very personal. If you just read a few jokes that you have found online, the bride and groom will not appreciate it. Instead, use the speech to reminisce about the pair. Practice
Once you have written your speech, you should practise it as often as possible. This will help you to work on your nerves. If you practise in front of an audience, this will help you to know the likely reaction that you will get. Layout
If you often practise your speech, you may simply want to write short notes, reminding you of the main points. However, if you are particularly nervous about speaking after dinner, you may want to write the whole speech out. Then, when you read it, you won't need to worry about missing any bits out.

On the wedding day

There are a few things that you should remember to help you to deliver your speech on the wedding day. Guest's focus
Even during the best man's speeches, the bride will be the main focal point for most guests. If you remember this, it should help you to control your nerves and to deliver your speech. Mood
People come to a wedding to have a good time and to celebrate the love of the bride and groom. It is highly unlikely that anyone will pick your speech apart and focus on any words that you might stumble over. Once again, this should help you to control your nerves. Length
It is unlikely that your speech will be longer than a few minutes. Just remember that after it is over, you can go back to enjoy the rest of the wedding reception. By focusing on the end of your speech, you should be able to get through it with no problems.

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