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Top five bear suits available in the UK

Whether it's a baby bear suit, a mascot bear outfit at a football match, a bear suit for a feature film or a Troy Hurtubise style protective bear suit from project grizzly, they can cost from a few pounds to tens of thousands of pounds. The article looks at five of the top bear suits available in the UK.

Adult costumes

Luxury Cuddly Bear Mascot
The Luxury Cuddly Bear Mascot Costume retails at £499.99 from Jokers Masquerade (the price is correct as of 01.08.11 from the official website They are hand-made to order in France, and can take up to six weeks to arrive. This bear outfit is made by a French mascot company. It can be machine-washed or dry-cleaned and one's own shoes can be worn beneath the costume.
Fozzie Bear One of the all time great bear suits is The Muppets Fozzie Bear Costume. It comes complete with a pink and white spotted bow tie, a realistic brown hat and a complete body, hand and head outfit. It's for dry clean only and is made from 100% polyester. The adult bear outfit is available from Jokers Masquerade and is priced at £38.99 (price is correct as of 01.08.11 from the official website
Cuddles the Halloween Bear For something a bit different and slightly scary, the Halloween bear costume is ideal. It comes complete with blue bow tie, brown hands and black claws. It also includes a big bear head mask and werewolf style teeth. The costume is priced at £90.49 from Jokers Masquerade (price is correct as of 01.08.11 from the official website
Grizzly bear suit

An realistic grizzly bear costume can be found at Signature Costumes. It's composed of a life-like bear shaped suit with a bear head, elastic fitted paws, hook and loop hand and separate feet. The suit is available in one adult size and costs £270.00 (prices are correct as of 01.08.11 from the official website

Children's costume

Child's bear fancy dress
Possibly, it is the most popular children's bear outfit. It is perfect for one of the three bears and is a complete jumpsuit with an attached bear hood. The suit is available for three to eight year olds and is priced at £14.99 from (price is correct as of 01.08.11 and taken from the official website). A child's bear costume will come in useful at a school production, while an adult bear suit will have the same effect at a fancy dress party or as a team mascot.

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